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Analog Nights

"Analog Nights" is my Genesis NFT collection, which comprises ten unique pieces that pay homage to the alternative culture of the 90s through my artistic lens. Each artwork captures the essence of the era, drawing inspiration from iconic movies, TV shows, and symbols that captivated me during my youth. This collection serves as a nostalgic tribute to a bygone era when the internet had not yet gained widespread adoption. In each piece, I recreate the style of a traditional still life, celebrating the objects that defined the era while intentionally excluding human presence. Edward Hopper's work has significantly influenced this collection, particularly his ability to create still scenes that evoke mood and emotion. I sought to infuse the same atmospheric quality into each piece, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the evocative essence of the artwork. Every piece in the collection is a narrative in itself, accompanied by B-movie style titles that provide context to the underlying story within the artwork, even if not immediately apparent. This deliberate choice adds an element of intrigue and encourages viewers to delve deeper into the visual narrative. Throughout the creative process, I delved into reflections on my youth, exploring themes of societal expectations, the masks we wear, and the universal pursuit of acceptance. These introspective considerations have subtly found their way into the artwork, inviting viewers to engage with the underlying layers of thought and contemplation. The vibrant colors employed in these artworks were carefully selected, influenced by my experiences with spray paint. Through repeated use of these colors on the streets, I gained an intimate understanding of their unique characteristics, including their reactions, drippiness, and clogging tendencies. This natural connection between my spray paint palette and the collection serves as a symbolic bridge, unifying the worlds of my physical paintings and digital creations. Thank you for taking the time to explore and appreciate my "Analog Nights" collection. It stands as a testament to the cultural significance of the 90s, encapsulating my personal journey, and exemplifying the transformative power of expressive art.

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