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Beyond the Valley of Springfield

"Beyond the Valley of Springfield" is a 7-piece collection that pays homage to the captivating realms of Lowbrow culture, Grindhouse cinema, and the beloved television series, The Simpsons. The collection weaves together classic Simpsons premises and iconic imagery, offering a fresh perspective that loosely draws inspiration from the show's distinctive universe. As a kid, my drawing was nurtured through countless hours of copying Simpsons characters, resulting now in a unique fusion of the show's DNA within my own drawing style. With a background rooted in street art, I understand the importance of swiftly capturing the attention of passers-by and effectively conveying messages. By incorporating familiar touchstones from popular culture, such as The Simpsons, I aim to captivate viewers with imagery that instantly resonates. The collection merges the iconic Simpsons iconography with cult and B-movies, creating a tapestry of pop culture references that range from the overtly recognisable to the delightfully obscure. This eclectic blend is filtered through my artistic style, resulting in an engaging visual experience. My ultimate goal was to create a diverse range of artworks that would captivate and resonate with viewers on various levels, offering a multi-faceted enjoyment driven by personal connection and shared cultural references.

Untitled_Artwork 2.png
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