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Trev El. Viz is a visual artist based in Ireland, actively creating captivating artwork in both the NFT space and the physical world.

His artistic style is characterised by its boldness, vibrancy, and graphic quality, which originated from his experiences painting graffiti on the streets.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including his heritage and identity, 90s culture, surrealism, and punk, Trev El. Viz weaves together these rich tapestries of influences to create unique and visually striking artwork.

Throughout his artistic career, he has had the privilege of exhibiting his work and leaving an mark on various corners of the world.

From the thriving artistic hubs of San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, London, Paris, to the vibrant streets of Berlin, his artwork has found its place and resonated with audiences far and wide.

Additionally, he's been fortunate enough to collaborate with esteemed partners such as Jameson Irish Whiskey, Fontaine's DC, Absolute Vodka, as well as numerous talented musicians and publications.

These collaborations have provided him with the opportunity to merge his artistic vision with other creative forces, resulting in exciting and impactful projects.

For any inquiries or to connect with Trev El. Viz, please feel free to reach out by using the contact button.

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